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Welcome! Finally Im blogging as I write my new upcoming spiritual books and teachings, please join me on this journey.  Spirituality is a massive global movement. In choosing a spiritual path you are essentially asking to explore yourself, why you are here, cultivate a meaningful life and live the full human existence. This book is about your spiritual path and the journey within. Spirituality offers you a beautiful nurturing platform to believe in yourself, restore your faith in humanity, find your place in the universe and make positive change. Yet in stark contrast, is not always a picturesque life of love and light – the truth is, it can be an incredibly beautiful, yet destructive mess of emotional turmoil, learning, un-learning, adventuring and silence as you either purge or embrace your yukky parts, and love the good bits, then integrate and blend all of yourself into who your authentic self is in order to find something called balance. And  here you are as a soul journeying doing your best work in exactly that, despite the beauty, the method or the mess.



About brigitgoldworthy

Brigit is a well known Psychic, Reiki Master teacher, healer, spiritual development teacher and new author who works with all realms of universal energies. She holds a Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, Usui Reiki Master Degree and a Diploma in Crystal Therapy. Brigit has dedicated her career to writing, public speaking, workshops, and mentoring on spiritual and self help topics all over Australia and globally via social media. It is her passion to help humanity by encouraging you to believe in yourself, find your purpose and be inspired to follow your own truth. She is affectionately known for being a ‘bridge’ delivering spiritual work to everyday people in a very real, down to earth and grounded fashion which enables you to embrace personal growth, think for yourself and form healthy self concepts. As a healer and teacher, her writings and workshops include ways and ideas to use spiritual energy to help you release fear, form healthy esteem, find healing, purpose, and inspiration to follow your heart and truth. You can interact with Brigit daily by visiting her Facebook page.
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